Apple Repairs

We are committed to providing affordable Apple Mac computer repairs.

Macrevitalise repair Apple Mac computers anything from the present lineup of Macbook Pros & iMacs to older classic Apple Macs the Apple Store can’t repair anymore. The most common faults in Apple Mac computers these days is hard drive failure, which we can supply and install with better quality hard drives or solid state drives.

Important Information

Macrevitalise clients we be notified of an esitmated cost of repair or upgrade before any such work is carried out on your Apple Computer and a small deposit maybe required for parts only. Please see our price guide for further details regarding repairs or upgrades we undertake on a regular basis.

Not so important…

When contacting Macrevitalise regarding your Apple Computer,
it would be very useful if you can supply us with your model number which usually starts with an A and has x4 number digits on the base of most Apple Computers.