Apple Data Recovery

We are committed to providing affordable Apple Mac computer data recovery.

Apple Macintosh hard drive storage systems use a hierarchical file system (HFS) or HFS+ file system as opposed to the file allocation table (FAT) or New Technology File System (NTFS) used by PC operating systems. There are significant differences between the two systems, so if you experience data loss with an Apple product, it’s crucial you take it to a company that employs specialist Apple Data Recovery engineers, and has developed data recovery tools and techniques specifically for Apple products rather then Windows computers

Common Apple Data Recovery Problems
The following is a list of the more common situations that we tend to be very successful at recovering data from. Please contact us for a free diagnosis and quote on a variety of solution options, if you are ever unfortunate enough to experience data loss from any of them:

  • Cannot access drive due to disk error
  • Apple Macintosh finds disks unreadable
  • Disk is not a Macintosh disks
  • Not an HFS volume
  • Segment Loader Error
  • Bad master directory block
  • Directories not found or Apple Macintosh reports bad file names
  • Bad master directory block

Important Information

Macrevitalise clients we be notified of an esitmated cost of repair or upgrade before any such work is carried out on your Apple Computer and a small deposit maybe required for parts only. Please see our price guide for further details regarding repairs or upgrades we undertake on a regular basis.

Not so important…

When contacting Macrevitalise regarding your Apple Computer,
it would be very useful if you can supply us with your model number which usually starts with an A and has x4 number digits on the base of most Apple Computers.